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Building sustainable wellbeing skills in medical students.

We are currently developing practical and accessible online training programs to help busy people build skills that promote sustainable wellbeing in their career and everyday lives.

Burnout rates among doctors are at epidemic levels, with symptoms emerging as early as undergraduate-level medical training. The development of preventive interventions to support doctors in maintaining wellbeing throughout their careers has been identified as a key research goal.

Our new psychologist-developed App (BiSi) aims to train medical students in the development of adaptive behavioural skills that may buffer against burnout and improve wellbeing. This intervention uses established psychological methods to empower future doctors to strengthen self-awareness, choose adaptive responses to challenges and stressors, and engage in values-driven and personally meaningful behaviour

Importantly, our innovative method of intervention delivery allows for the individualisation of training for each person, flexibility of access, minimal time investment, and privacy for people who may otherwise avoid support due to perceived stigma.

This project has been funded by the Centre for Rehab Innovations and the Priority Research Centre for Stroke and Brain Injury at the University of Newcastle.

[Research Projects: Reducing burnout risk and promoting sustainable wellbeing among medical students using an online individualised psychological flexibility skills training App: A pilot feasibility study; Reducing burnout risk and improving wellbeing among medical students using an online individualised psychological flexibility skills training App: A randomised controlled study. These projects have been approved by the University of Newcastle’s Human Research Ethics Committee, Approval No. H-2020-0311]


Recruitment for this study has now closed and we are in the process of analysing and reporting on the findings. If you are interested in this project, please see our publications and check back here for updates in the future.

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