Rashid Afkhami



Official role at CRI: I’m a pharmacoepidemiologist, interested in using observational data to make causal inferences about exposures.

What does that mean you do? I use observational data to try and answer causal questions that are difficult to answer with randomised trials. In health, we’re often interested in causes, because we would usually want to intervene on causes of poor health outcomes to try and improve health. Some of the things I’m interested in include long term exposure to prescription drugs, and how this might affect brain health, and other exposures that we can’t randomise such as stress and socioeconomic position.

What is your favourite part of your work? I love working in big multidisciplinary teams to identify important research questions and then try and answer them.

How do you look after your own health and wellbeing? Lots of walks (and the occasional run) with or without the kids and the dog. Also, trying to maintain a social life and I joined a soccer team this year!

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