Jaki Wilson



Official role at CRI: Central Coast Project Manager.

What does that mean you do? I organise work to ensure the EngAGE project runs smoothly. This means reviewing the time lines for work, record keeping and reporting to the project sponsor, planning communications with stakeholders and considering any changes needed to accommodate changes in external factors. All research projects must meet strict ethics and safety standards and this role also works to make sure these standards are met.

What is your favourite part of your work? Working on a project that aims to help older people improve their social connections and health is very rewarding. I really enjoy learning new things and the CRI team are a great source of knowledge in a wide range of areas from ethics to exercise.

How do you look after your own health and wellbeing? I enjoy walking on the beach, swimming and bushwalking. Balance is always important, I love baking and eating cakes.

Research Partners

CRI is a Proud Partnership between the University of Newcastle, HMRI and NSW Health.

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